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Preconfigured Ready to Go Business Catalyst Templates

Our ready to deploy Business Catalyst Templates are ready for you to just add your content and deliver to your client. Its that simple.

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We have a comprehensive range of business, portfolio and ecommerce BC templates that make use of the current and emerging industry trends and technologies. Make a statement with your next client project.

Adobe Business Catalyst Templates
Adobe Business Catalyst - Deploy Client Sites in Days, Not Weeks With Responsive BC

Deploy client sites in a matter of days, not weeks...

Our premium BC Templates have been designed and developed for you the BC Partner to hit the ground running with your new project. Spend days not weeks delivering your next BC site.



BC Next liquid rendering engine enabled


Deploy client projects quickly

Fully responsive templates ready to deploy as a client project, just add content.

Our Business Catalyst templates are fully responsive and have been developed so that they automatically resize depending upon the end-users screen resolution and device type. This is achieved via CSS media queries and means that through the use of UI / UX best practices, the end-user will have the best possible interaction with your clients website.


Next generation BC Liquid rendering engine tags applied to all templates.

Our BC templates have been developed making use of BC’s next generation “Liquid Rendering Engine” tags as a base point and this coupled with JSON enables some pretty cool server side logic to be deployed which would have historically required the use of JavaScript. The code runs on the server before the rendering engine processes the data and displays it on the front-end of the site.


Bootstrap framework used as a base for Responsive BC templates.

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, projects on the web. It makes front-end web development faster and easier. It's made for people of all skill levels, devices of all shapes, and projects of all sizes. Bootstrap easily and efficiently scales your websites and applications with a single code base, from phones to tablets to desktops with CSS media queries on the fly.


Unlimited template replication licence and copies provided on all BC data centres.

Each Business Catalyst template is available on each of Business Catalyst's 3 data centres globally and when you purchase a Responsive BC template you receive copies of your purchased BC template on each data centre. Your copies of the template can be found listed under your “Trail Sites” and its just then just a matter of making a copy of your template and commencing your new client project.


BC is you all in one web based solution for easy to deploy and maintain online marketing websites, business websites and ecommerce websites unified platform that without the need for hardcore backend coding you can deliver awesome websites for you clients.

  • Adobe Business Catalyst Templates
  • Adobe Business Catalyst Templates
  • Abobe Business Catalyst Premium Templates
Online businesses, not websites

These days, clients are demanding more functionality and better results than what a simple website can offer. They want a website with business functionality that fulfils real business goals.

Lower costs, higher profits

Say goodbye to manually integrating systems or maintaining tens of plug-ins to meet a single client’s requirements. Slash development time and streamline your workflows using our all-in-one online business platform.

Build beautiful sites, your way

Other solutions limit your creativity with complicated or restrictive theme systems. Business Catalyst turns that on its head — you craft your design in HTML and CSS, then simply insert our modules on top.

Professional infrastructure

No more headaches about uptime, server updates or installing the latest patches — our expert team takes care of that. Because we're fully hosted and managed, you and your clients receive all system updates automatically.

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People just like you are already loving Responsive BC

  • It's clear to see just how seriously these guys take design. I've never come across a template with the level of polish as this - and don't even get me started on the page builder, there is simply NO competition. Customer for life.

    Warwick Ford
    Responsive BC Customer
  • I love the ease-of-use the builder provides - I can quickly test different combinations and experiment with font and color combinations to find that sweet spot. Kudos for the amazing support too, really quick turnaround!

    Carlfred Giles
    Responsive BC Customer
  • A fine example of atomic design brought to life. As a seasoned template user, I really appreciate the consistent styling for all common tags, it makes customising the sections that much easier. 5 stars as always for an amazing template.

    Jeff Liva
    Responsive BC Customer
Standard BC Templates

Standard Adobe Business Catalyst Templates

Our Standard Adobe Business Catalyst templates are designed and developed using latest industry trends and technologies and have been detailed using the new BC Liquid rendering engine and are ready to deploy for you next BC project.

ecommerce BC Templates

Ecommerce Adobe Business Catalyst Templates

Our eCommerce Adobe Business Catalyst templates are designed and developed using latest industry trends and technologies and have been detailed using the new BC Liquid rendering engine and are ready to deploy for you next BC project.

Custom Adobe Business Catalyst Templates

Custom Adobe Business Catalyst Templates

Can’t find what you are looking for here? Thats cool, as we also offer custom outsourcing solutions to fellow BC Partners should your client want a custom solution. We have 2 delivery centres and therefore are able to accept custom work, no matter how big or how small… Contact us today for a fixed project price.