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Hey there and welcome to Responsive BC, thank you for taking the time today to review our Responsive Business Catalyst Templates. It is here within our site that you'll find they range of Premium Responsive Business Catalyst Templates that have been detailed and pre-configured for you and are essentially ready to deploy on your Business Catalyst Partner Portal. It's just a matter of adding your client content and delivering your solution to your client in a matter of days rather than weeks.

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Business Catalyst Liquid Rendering
Responsive Web Development and Web Design
Clean Minimal UI / UX Design
Outsourcing Solutions
Outsourcing Solutions
Outsourcing Solutions

All our templates are delivered with Business Catalyst’s Liquid Mark-Up.

Liquid is the new Business Catalyst layout engine that has been developed by BC for the BC platform. Liquid layout allows for awesome flexibility in choosing the appearance of your site leveraging clean "CSS3" friendly "HTML5" code with-in the templates pre-configured site templates.

Our Business Catalyst templates have been developed making use of responsive design.

Todays web browsing experiences are not confined to the traditional desktop / laptop interface. Current Google browsing statistics illustrate that over 60% of page views are now being conducted on smart devices and we have this aspect covered via the use of media queries that automatically detect the end-users screen resolution and serve the correct viewing experience for that device.

Pre-configured BC Modules, Web Apps & BC Apps allow for rapid site deployment.

The Responsive BC templates are pre-configured with dummy content that allow you to replace with your client’s content and allow you to deliver your client’s project in a matter of days - not weeks. These include modules like the Blog Module, FAQ’s Module and Ad Rotators. Our BC templates also feature custom Web Apps and BC Apps like Image Galleries, Event Calendars and Hero Sliders. Check your templates feature set to see it’s inclusions.

Unlimited template replication licence and copies provided on all BC data centres.

Each Business Catalyst template is available on each of Business Catalyst's 3 data centres globally and when you purchase a Responsive BC template you receive copies of your purchased BC template on each data centre. Your copies of the template can be found listed under your “Trail Sites” and its just then just a matter of making a copy of your template and commencing your new client project.


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  • It's clear to see just how seriously these guys take design. I've never come across a template with the level of polish as this, there is simply NO competition. Customer for life.

    Warwick Ford
    Responsive BC Customer
  • I love the ease-of-use the template provides - I can quickly test different combinations and experiment with font and color combinations to find that sweet spot. Kudos for the amazing support too, really quick turnaround!

    Carlfred Giles
    Responsive BC Customer
  • A fine example of awesome design brought to life. As a seasoned template user, I really appreciate the consistent styling for all common tags, it makes customising the sections that much easier. 5 stars as always for an amazing template.

    Jeff Liva
    Responsive BC Customer